Monday, September 28, 2015

New News!

Students are very excited for the Fun Run and Pig Race tomorrow. I'll be sure to post pictures of the celebration. Go Bacon Bits!!!

Along with using our agendas nightly, I've decided to send home a weekly homework sheet so students will have extra support for staying organized.  Keeping up with the agenda has been somewhat of a challenge and a bit overwhelming with all the other new routines students are learning.

Agenda Club will be starting up next week.  This is an after school club that meets on Mon., Tues., and Thurs., where students can opt to stay an extra 5-10 minutes and meet with one of the 3-4-5 teachers. We will check and sign their agendas, as well as make sure they have the materials needed to complete assigned work.  Incentives can be earned for coming on a regular basis.  Agenda Club will meet in my room for the first week- Oct. 5, 6, 8.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

This Week in Third Grade

Students will be taking their first tests this coming week. Chapter 1 Math test will be on Thursday and my Reading Group will have their spelling test on Wednesday.

The Fun Run will be held on Tuesday so students will have free dress.  Our class did such a great job raising money, that we made it into the top 5 classes which allows us to participate in the pig race! Our pig will be dressed to nines ready to take on our competitors!

Friday school is closed for Teacher Inservice.
Have a great week!

(Click on the link for this week's homework)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

3rd Grade Educational Websites

Check out the sidebar on my blog!  Lots of educational resources to access.                 Happy Learning!

How to join your teacher’s Khan Academy Class

1.           Sign up at (or log in if you already have an account)

2.           Visit (the “coaches” tab in your profile)

3.           In the “Add a coach” field, enter the class code.

Class code: DPVQXA

4.           You’re set. Now click “Home” and start learning!

Mrs. Ferguson's email on Khan Academy (only) is set up as:

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Week Ahead

Great job at our ministry Mass today! Thanks to all who attended.

As we look at the week ahead we have our field trip to Magnuson Park on Thursday. We'll leave school at 9:15 and return in time for lunch.  Students may have free dress, however they must have long pants and appropriate footwear. Dress in layers for the weather. I'll send a note home on Tuesday.

Here's a link to 3rd Grade Homework for this week:

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sumdog News!

Hi Parents!  I'm thrilled to tell you students are now logged on to Sumdog thanks to Ms. Van Tassel!
Each child received log-in information and glued it in their agendas.  We've been working on  Chapter 1 in our math books, Counting to 10,000. We'll be comparing numbers, working on place value and learning to count on by ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.  Check out place value games on the Sumdog website!

Don't forget our Mass is this Sunday at 10:30am.  Students are to wear their uniforms and arrive in the parish center at 10:10. We will sit together as a class in the front left pews as you face the altar. We practiced today in church. Everyone did a fabulous job!

Many apologies!!! We were working so hard I forgot to send home the Family Packets today. I'll be sure to have the students put them in their backpacks first thing in the morning.

We'd like to welcome Jay to our class. Today was his first day and the children enjoyed showing him the ropes and making a new friend.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week at a Glance

This week the students will be preparing for their ministry mass being held at 10:30am on Sunday, September 20th.  Students will be participating during the liturgy by reading, bringing up the offering, and greeting parishioners. I hope you will be able to join us.

I'm including our weekly homework sheet that I'll try to post on Mondays so you have an overview of the week ahead.  At times the homework will change based on the learning covered for the day.You're welcome to print this out, but students will still be writing in their agendas daily.

We have a field trip set up for Thursday, September 24th to Magnuson Park in Seattle. Students will be learning about birds native to the area as well as dissect owl pellets and build a nest! This will be a great opportunity to gain some background knowledge for our upcoming literature study on 'Poppy' by Avi.  I will send home information on Monday.  Have a great week!


·      Monday- Math Worksheet, Study Spelling Words, Read 20 minutes
·      Tuesday- Math Worksheet, Study Spelling Words, Read 20 minutes
·      Wednesday- Writing- Choose one question from the worksheet and write at least 3 sentences; Be sure to use details (describing words); Study Spelling Words
·      Thursday- Math Worksheet              
·      Friday- Read, Study Math Facts, Have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Computer Time Today!

Good Morning! Thanks so much for coming out to 'Curriculum Night'. It was great getting to meet you all.  I'm sure your children will be excited to read the notes you left for them.

Today we will use the Macbook computers in our classroom. Students will go on, a terrific math website where they can practice all different skills.  They will be given an Id and Password. I'll have them write this down in their agendas so they can have access at home.  Have a great day!

Today's homework:
*Read 20 minutes
*Decorate writing notebook
* Think about and  write down in your writing notebook, 2 'small moments' 
( A 'small moment' is when students think of a person who matters to them.  Then they list clear, small moments they remember with him or her; for ex. a time when you played  baseball and caught a pop fly) 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Orange Ruler Fund Raiser

We had a quick day today!!! Mass in the morning, Music in the afternoon as well as a presentation on the "Orange Ruler" fund raising event.   Please be sure to ask your student about this.  They all brought home the materials they need for this program

Homework is light  because of Curriculum Night which begins at 6pm.


Study spelling words

Read for 20 minutes

See you all tonight!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday, September 8- Homework

Tonight's homework is a math sheet reviewing skills previously learned.  Also, students are to study their spelling words for a test on Friday. We are learning how to spell each other's first names. Since our class is so large, I split the list in half. The first half is listed here. The rest of the names will be tested next Friday. Have a great night!

Spelling Study Tip: Salt/Sand/Flour Tray - spell words using finger or paintbrush (great sensory experience too). Put colored construction paper under the salt, sand or flour to make the letters really pop.    

 Spelling List

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Adventure Begins!

Welcome to Mrs. Ferguson's 3rd Grade Blog where events, news, weekly homework and other classroom business will be discussed!

Third graders truly had 'All Hands On Deck' (our school theme this year)  the first two days of school! We spent time getting organized, going over procedures and developing classroom rules together.  Students will continue getting used to routines over the next couple of weeks as well as be assessed for appropriate leveling and instruction.

I hope to see you all at curriculum night this week!

Mrs. Ferguson