Thursday, September 10, 2015

Computer Time Today!

Good Morning! Thanks so much for coming out to 'Curriculum Night'. It was great getting to meet you all.  I'm sure your children will be excited to read the notes you left for them.

Today we will use the Macbook computers in our classroom. Students will go on, a terrific math website where they can practice all different skills.  They will be given an Id and Password. I'll have them write this down in their agendas so they can have access at home.  Have a great day!

Today's homework:
*Read 20 minutes
*Decorate writing notebook
* Think about and  write down in your writing notebook, 2 'small moments' 
( A 'small moment' is when students think of a person who matters to them.  Then they list clear, small moments they remember with him or her; for ex. a time when you played  baseball and caught a pop fly) 

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