Saturday, January 30, 2016

Catholic Schools Week

A week of exciting events await the students during Catholic Schools Week 2016!  Third, fourth and fifth grade students have partnered up to express this year's Catholic Schools Week theme: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.  Each day we'll target these concepts, making connections to our Catholic Faith.  Attached is a list of daily activities.

Following the 10:30am Mass on Sunday, Our Lady of Fatima School will hold an open house for families of current and prospective students.  If your schedule allows, please come and visit our classroom. Students have been working very hard preparing the room.  They have several pieces of work on display to show all they have been learning and the KNOWLEDGE they're gaining! The open house will be held until 1:00pm.

On Monday, students may dress up as their favorite role model.  When choosing a role model, encourage your children to focus on the character traits of Jesus.  This is a perfect opportunity to read the bible together, as a family.  Refer to Ephesians 5:1-2, John 13:13-16, and Acts 20:35. We'll be exploring this concept further in religion with a lesson to broaden our KNOWLEDGE on how Jesus is our role model.

Tuesday students are asked to wear their class colors. Third grade's color is GREEN!  Students will experience the joy of giving and SERVICE by participating in the bake sale scheduled.  The funds will benefit the Bread of Life Mission in Seattle.  Thanks to all for volunteering your time and baked goods. I'll be sending out an email to parent volunteers with details about Tuesday's event.

Wednesday is Grandparents Day when we celebrate our families sharing with us the gift of our FAITH !  A special program has been planned by Mr. Bradler.

Thursday we celebrate each other and give thanks to God for the gift of friendships and community.  We will express our FAITH and KNOWLEDGE by strengthening our bonds with one another through fun and amusing events planned.  Students may wear their their favorite PJ's and bring 1 blanket and/or pillow.   They will participate in a 'Read In', and watch the inspiring movie, 'Inside Out', with the entire OLF student body.

Finally, on Friday, we celebrate our staff, faculty and volunteers with more enjoyable activities planned.  We'll dance, have crazy hair, wear blue, and top it all off with a volleyball game;       Students vs. Faculty.  (Go Teachers!!!)

Looking forward to a fun and spiritually enriching week!

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