Saturday, January 30, 2016

This Week's Homework

In recognition of this week's Catholic Schools Week celebration. Homework will be light.  Students have done an amazing job getting our classroom ready for the open house scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, January 31st.

Our raffle prize on Friday was given to the entire class- No HOMEWORK on Monday.  Needless to say, students were ecstatic!

We will have a social studies quiz on Thursday on Unit 4 'Who Runs Our Government' and 'Important US Documents'.  This will be an open notes test.  Since the beginning of the year, in our CIA literature study units (both Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Ferguson), we have been focusing on citing evidence from the text to expand students' knowledge in all areas of comprehension text structures. We've been practicing this skill by carrying it over to informational text as well.  The assessment is not only on the information learned, but also, on how well students are able to find and cite evidence to prove their answers.

Mrs. Ferguson's Reading group: 
* No TURN-IN spelling activities this week.
* MLK Vocabulary test will be during the week of February 8th

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