Sunday, February 21, 2016

This Week's Overview and Homework

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

This Thursday my Reading group will have a vocabulary test on the words from the Martin Luther King Jr. novel we've been reading. We will finish the book this week and move on to 'Glory Be'. You can access all the words on (link located on this blog).

We had a lot of fun on Friday afternoon as we proved that, although gas is invisible, it really does exist! We watched balloons fill with air as we dumped Poprocks into soda bottles with the balloons attached.  We have another fun gas experiment planned for this week.

Tomorrow, all students will be introduced to 'Book Club'.  Each student will have a partner who will be reading the same book. This months' books are about Rosa Parks. Vocabulary and themes are aligned to the MLK novel we are reading.  I'm very excited that students will be taking another step toward becoming independent readers.  Social skills will develop as partners dissect plot lines and analyze characters. Other benefits in a collective literary experience include increased comprehension and exposure to varied points of view.

During this Lenten season I'm sharing prayers and reflections of Mother Teresa. Each Monday we list our focus for Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving over the next  five days. Last week we fasted from complaining, we prayed for people who have not been treated with thoughtfulness and we tried to 'give away' (almsgiving) at least ten beautiful smiles a day.  Students kept charts to track their smiles.  This week we will fast from saying anything unkind, pray for one of our classmates who especially needs our prayers, and give or show a special kindness to a classmate or family member, focusing on those who are grumpy or uncaring.  Please encourage your student to continue these practices at home and over the weekends.

           "Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and             happier."         - Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Here is the homework for this week.

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